2018 11th union 12inch vinyl edition「1 –Back to the future-」
99RS-0011 ¥3,500+税

- ゲストプレイヤー -
Side A
矢井田瞳 : chorus, M4 follow her dog
佐藤亮: Banjo, M1 sing out loud
鴇崎さとし(T.S.R.T.S), chorus / M1 sing out loud, Crow
三浦太郎(フレンズ), chorus / M5 in the morning
Goi-chang(ex.99RadioService), tambourine / M2 W.I.F,M3 Crow


1 -Back to the future-
2018 11th union 12inch vinyl edition

Side A & Digital download
1. sing out loud
2. W.I.F
3. Crow
4. follow her dog
5. in the morning

Side B & Digital download
1. Dreamin' girl
2. the sky may not be blue
3. Mr. lonely man

Digital download
let me up (only digital download)
the shine brought this night (only digital download)
friendship & affection (only digital download)